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A Premium Aluminum Composite Panel for Premium Buildings

Alcotuff is a heavy duty Aluminum Composite Panel with excellent properties, combining fire safety with great aesthetics.

This remarkable product offers a wide range of architectural solutions for you to create a new image for your corporate office, residential and public buildings, gas stations, hotels, showrooms, banks, and many others.

Alcotuff is composed of a Fire Resistant core sandwiched between two architectural aluminum sheets, with its front side coated with X-TRA Durable PVDF (Polyvinylidenefluoride) or FEVE (Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether) and its back side with Polyester service coating.

Using adhesives with a co-extrusion process, one of the very few in the world due to high tech / capital machinery costs, Alcotuff has superior panel adhesion over the more common adhesive film lamination process.

ACP Alcotuff

With its simple and quick installation including wide selection of colors and sizes, it can also quickly turn old tired buildings into a brand new exciting look!

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A Premium Aluminum Composite Panel for Premium Buildings

ALCOTUFF ECO is an aluminum composite panel (ACP) of 0.2 mm architectural aluminum cover sheets with PE holding material middle core layer. It can be used for industrial signage, POS (Point of Sale) Display, shop fitting, exhibition partitioning, wall lining, ceiling, kitchen cabinet where high load bearing capacity is not required.

ALCOTUFF ECO standardly designed for interior decorative and flat application yet still fold-able with routing pre-treatment. ALCOTUFF ECO has short term use of color weatherfastness.

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  • Fire Resistant
    Alcotuff core contains fire retarding composite material of the highest degree developed with proprietary technology. It conforms to the fire safety requirements according to USA ASTM E-119, British Standards BS 476 and Germany DIN 4102 standards Grade B1, European Standards EN 13501 Grade B,S1,DO.
  • Fade Resistant
    Using the best coating material of PVDF or FEVE with specified resin level controlled, and a quality multiple dip roller coating and baking process, Alcotuff ensures color uniformity and has the ability to retard color fading for a long period in outdoor conditions.
  • Easy Cleaning
    With special request, we can produce Alcotuff with easy cleaning characteristic by applying special lacquering coating which leads to an easy-to-clean characteristic of the surface. There exists some nano named easy cleaning products which do not actually last more than a year. Alcotuff’s Easy Cleaning type is durable and will last for years.
  • Stain Resistant
    Installed and sealed with our SealTuff sealant developed with Kaneka Japan inputs and material, it will prevent the common problems of black strips staining from poor quality sealants or silicone for a long period.



  • External cladding
  • Facade
  • Corporate identity
  • Roof covering, underpass
  • Curtain wall and perforated panels
  • Container construction

Light weight feature of Alcotuff saves your structure cost!

Alcotuff Ringan Menghemat Biaya Struktur - Alcotuff lebih ringan dari kaca dan baja

*Weights are based on 4mm thickness.


  • Superior flatness
  • Compared with thick solid aluminum sheets, each of Alcotuff aluminum skin is only 0.5mm thick, laminated through our co-extrusion process hence eliminating flatness distortion
  • Excellent rigidity and impact strength
  • Easy workability and ultimate design flexibility
  • Easy to cut, bent, grooved or curved, and can be installed quickly
  • Excellent Insulation and Vibration damping



Type Panel Thickness
Aluminium Thickness
Alloy Series Coating Dimension (mm)
Alcotuff 4 0.5 5005 3-layer 35μm PVDF 1220 x 4880
4 0.3 3003 2-layer 25μm PVDF 1220 x 4880
Type Panel Thickness
Aluminium Thickness
Dimension (mm) Core Coating
Alcotuff Eco 3 0.1 1220 x 2440 PE-Polyethylene Polyester
4 0.2 1220 x 2440 PE-Polyethylene Polyester


*custom sizes are available upon request

acp alcotuff dan alcotuff eco warranty garansi 20 tahun


Alcotuff comes with up to 20 years warranty and 5 years warranty for Alcotuff Eco.

Written warranty certificates will be issued for every necessary projects based on the specifications of panels and color coatings used plus the environmental conditions.

Certain colors due to raw material composition would have longer or shorter warrant life span.

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In alignment with Impack’s sustainability commitment to bring sustainable building product solutions to its customer, Impack’s Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) product under the brand Alcotuff, has been awarded Green Label Grade Gold Certificate.

The assessment was thoroughly conducted by the Green Product Council Indonesia to make sure that the product complies to environmentally friendly requirements.



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