Code of Conduct


Business ethics is an integral part of corporate governance to achieve long-term success. The code of conduct is a behavioral guideline that serves as a reference for the organs and employees of a company to foster corporate values, which, if implemented sustainably, will be a corporate culture.

Principles and Dissemination of Code of Conduct

The Company has a code of conduct guideline for all employees to carry out their duties. The guidelines are circulated to each department to be regularly disseminated by the HR Department.

The scope of contents of the Company’s code of conduct is as follows:

  1. Business Ethics
    1. Ethics of the Company with Employees
    2. Ethics of the Company with customers
    3. Ethics of the Company with Supppliers of goods and services
    4. Ethics of the Company with Stakeholders
  2. Work Ethics
    1. Work Procedures
    2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    3. Conflict of Interest
    4. Confidentiality of Company’s data and information
  3. Violation Sanctions
  4. Integrity Pact

Enforcement of Code of Conduct and Statement That The Code of Ethics Is Applicable To All Company Personnel

The Company integrates the forms of ethical code violations in the internal control system, risk management, internal audit, assessment, and whistleblowing systems. Meanwhile, the enforcement of code of conduct is integrated with the system that applies in the HR department along with the implementation of sanctions for violators of the code of conduct.