Impack’s Circularity

As a polymer-based innovative building products manufacturer, naturally we are uniquely positioned and very much relevant to play our part in a circular economy (or in our company we always address it with the term ‘circularity’) by reducing our dependence on natural resources and becoming one of the leaders in providing solutions to the plastic waste management system, while creating economic growth at the same time.

Our Building Products Made Through Upcycling

Climate Action

Our Efforts in Reducing Carbon Emission


Energy efficiency compared to 2019 (base year)

solar panels usage pabrik trembesi impack pratama

Emission Reduction from Solar Panels Usage in 2022:

293 Tons CO2eq ≈ 13,459 matured trees

solar dryer dome Javara - Bekasi

Emission Reduction from Solar Dryers Usage in 2022:

643 Tons CO2eq ≈ 29,536 matured trees


Altira Business Park is Greenship certified with a ‘Platinum’ rating from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI)


Total emission reduction in 2022:

1,103 Tons CO2eq ≈ 50,666 matured trees

(An increase by 47.5% compared to 2021)

Biodiversity Conservation

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