Corporate Secretary


Corporate Secretary has the responsibility to always follow the development of Capital Market, particularly applicable regulations in Capital Market; provide services to the public for any information needed by investors related with the Company’s conditions; provide inputs to the Company’s Board of Directors in complying with Provision of Law No. 8 Year 1995 concerning Capital Market and its regulation implementation; and becomes a liaison or contact person between the Company and Financial Services Authority and the public. In accordance with the requirements from Financial Services Authority Regulation No.35 / POJK.04/2014 regarding Corporate Secretary Emitee or Public Listed Company and based on Decree of the Company’s Board of Directors No. 02/IP/SK-Dir/IX/2014 dated 8 September 2014 regarding Appointment of Corporate Secretary, the Company has assigned Lenggana Linggawati as the Company’s Corporate Secretary.

lenggana lenggawati sekretaris perusahaan impack pratama

Corporate Secretary: Lenggana Linggawati

Indonesian citizen, earned Bachelor of Law from Trisakti University Jakarta in 1999, and Master of Management from Mercubuana University Jakarta in 2009. She has served as corporate secretary since 2014, company’s Head of Legal (2008 – present).

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