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PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk has 14 Subsidiaries, each of which is engaged in various business fields, namely the industry of plastic building materials, distribution, and plastic industry supporting activities, as well as other business fields, such as property and industry of adhesive materials/glue.

By continuously strengthening the core business, PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk also reinforces other supporting business as part of its strategic efforts to improve competitive edge, expand market share, and seize other business opportunities.

Direct Ownership

Kreasi Dasatama is the biggest corrugated plastic sheet manufacturer in Indonesia, and a subsidiary of PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk – a leading plastic manufacturer in Indonesia.

Since the company’s establishment in 1988, Kreasi Dasatama has been a pioneer in manufacturing high quality corrugated PP sheet under the brand name Impraboard®, supplying to a multitude of industry such as screen/digital printing, advertising, packaging, automotive, beverage, construction, agriculture and other industrial applications.

With its excellent mechanical property performance, various attractive colors and wide range of available thickness, Impraboard is the right choice for almost any demanding application that a corrugated plastic sheet could offer.

Kreasi Dasatama is a certified ISO9001:2008 company. Using the most advanced and proven technology to date from Europe and supported with skilled and experienced personnel have positioned.

Kreasi Dasatama as a preferred supplier and have built a formidable reputation for being credible and professional in its service to the industry.


Founded in 1991, Mulford Indonesia has been a major distributor of building material in Indonesia, specializing in plastic roofings.

Mulford Indonesia offers its customers a vast spectrum of building material from the industry leading premium brands, from a comprehensive ranges of polycarbonate roofs, uPVC roofs, reinforced fiberglass roofs, PP roofs, sealant, aluminum composite panel to the accessories needed to help shape the design ideas.

Mulford Indonesia is equipped with a dedicated team of specialists devoted to give every assurance that all client requirements are thoroughly reviewed and supplied with the right product.

Mulford Indonesia commitments to always give the customers its best service is reinforced with its branch presences in 13 major cities across the nation, its vast network of sales and distributions, well managed inventory in its spacious warehouse, and the numerous fleets that are ready to take on the roads to ensure a timely deliverance.

Mulford Indonesia has built a formidable reputation for being credible and professional in its service to cater this industry. Mulford Indonesia is not your conventional building material supplier, it is delivering a solution to your needs.


Founded in 1996, the company is engaged in the real estate sector. Altira Business Park is one of its masterpiece project.

Prime location, innovative design, the usage of best building material available, and the premium services are the features Sinar Grahamas Lestari is providing to its clients.


Unipack Plasindo is the manufacturer of rigid PVC compound under the brands POLYVIC and CRYSTAL for use in blow molding, extrusion, film and injection applications.

Unipack PVC compound is used to produce bottles, pharmaceuticals and toiletries, film, sheet, profile extrusion and electronic injection molding.

Unipack PVC compound is widely used in Indonesia and has been exported to several countries as far as the US market.

For bottle industry, Unipack brands are known for its high heat resistance without giving up the bottle physical properties. For certain application which requires a packaging impermeable to oxygen and resistance to ultra-violet rays, Polyvic ensures longer shelf time, yet exposes the product naturally.

In February 1990, the company was awarded with Japan Hygienic PVC Association Certificate which attests to Impack Pratama Group’s ability to produce products of the highest quality and its position as the market leader for rigid PVC compound.


PT. Alsynite Indonesia was established in 2006, its name has been associated with a premium quality Fiberglass Reinforced Roofing (FRP), supplying to mostly prestigious projects across Indonesia.

PT. Alsynite Indonesia offers a wide variety of profiles with excellent product property performance, from the widely used Alsynite Everlite R74, to the top of the line Alsyinite Ultra and Alslynite Ultra Cool. Its recent introduction of chemical and fire resistance feature for its roofing has enhanced its position in the premium market segment of fiberglass roofing industry.

Using the best materials available in the industry, the most advanced Australian technology, and supported with skilled and experienced personnel, PT Alsynite Indonesia has everything that a premium FRP roofing could offer.


Impack Vietnam was established in 2013 to better serve the growing Vietnam and Indochina market.

Located on a 9,800sqm land in the Long Thành industrial area, this new manufacturing facility is equipped with the most advanced European machine and technology.

Using only the finest resin grade available in the industry, this facility produces twinwall and solid polycarbonate sheets, with the installed capacity of 4200MT per year.


PT. OCI Material Pratama is a manufacturer of a wide range adhesive and sealants covering various consumer and industrial purposes.

Established in 2017, PT OCI Material Pratama is a merge of Impack MS sealant division with OCI Malaysia – a leading adhesive and sealant manufacturer in Malaysia which was acquired by Impack in 2017.


Founded in 2014, the company is engaged in the field of investment, trading and distribution, specialized in plastic sheet distribution.

Created in 2015, Alderon Pratama Indonesia’s focus is to sell and promote Alderon’s product ranges to the project based market.

The creation of this company is expected to strengthen Impack grip on projects market.


PT Solarone Pratama Internasional

Impack One Pte Ltd

Impack One Sdn Bhd

Impack One Pty Ltd

Mulford Plastics (M) Sdn Bhd

Indirect Ownership Through Impack International Pte Ltd

OCI International Sdn. Bhd

Alsynite One NZ Ltd