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High Performance Vinyl Compound

Unipack Plasindo is the manufacturer of rigid PVC compound under the brands POLYVIC and CRYSTAL for use in blow molding, extrusion, film and injection applications.

Unipack PVC compound is used to produce bottles, pharmaceuticals and toiletries, film, sheet, profile extrusion and electronic injection molding.

Unipack PVC compound is widely used in Indonesia and has been exported to several countries as far as the US market.

For bottle industry, Unipack brands are known for its high heat resistance without giving up the bottle physical properties. For certain application which requires a packaging impermeable to oxygen and resistance to ultra-violet rays, Polyvic ensures longer shelf time, yet exposes the product naturally.

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In February 1990, the company was awarded with Japan Hygienic PVC Association Certificate which attests to Impack Pratama Group’s ability to produce products of the highest quality and its position as the market leader for rigid PVC compound.