TwinLite Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Twinlite Gen 2.0 - Premium Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

A Perfect Combination of Technology, Quality, and Beauty

Polycarbonate Twinlite® Gen 2.0 is a new generation of Twinlite, a result of our continuous improvements to give you a better product.

Twinlite - Premium Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet
Twinlite Polycarbonate

The new Twinlite® Gen 2.0 is re-formulated to resist harsh weather condition and redesigned to deliver unique benefits like superior impact, wind, and water resistance.

Produced using the most advanced and proven technology to date, Twinlite® Gen 2.0 combines the sleek look of a multiwall polycarbonate sheet with the strength and versatility for enduring elegance.

For you who live the green life, the superior clarity of Twinlite® Gen 2.0 could be an option for your natural lighting need, while its double/triple walls feature makes it an excellent thermal insulation to save your air condition cost.

Twinlite® Gen 2.0 offers superior durability, unmatched design flexibility and structural integrity that surpasses other glazing material.

Twinlite® Gen 2.0 is the right choice for almost any demanding glazing application.

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polycarbonate twinwall

Premium Quality Triple-wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Twinlite X-3® is a multi-layered polycarbonate sheet with the “X” structural strength to withstand heavy load yet still provides the light-weight feature – higher saving to the overall cost of the roofing structure.

It is especially designed to reduce more heat with considerable amount of light transmitted through.

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Modern, Stylish, and Unyieldingly Strong

Twinlite Greca is another finest blend of science, engineering expertise, and the using of the most advanced extrusion equipment from Impack Pratama Industri.

Twinlite Greca is developed using the best available resin materials. The result is a roofing designed for superior weatherability through a wide range temperatures and conditions.

As well as its modern and stylish look, the twinwall structure of Twinlite Greca provides superior strength compared to the traditional single skin roof.

When used for the interior, its lean and sophisticated design will turn the space not just in recognition of the practical need for a modern workplace, but also conveying the fresh, friendly, intimate, and elegant ambiance.

The transparency of Twinlite Greca naturally maximizes the light to go through it.

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The EZ-Fix System at each Twinlite Greca width sides allows for easy and faster installation.

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TwinLite Duo presents two colors within a sheet of twinwall polycarbonate, supported by specifications and features:

Opaque Appearance

100% light-proof, providing privacy

Artificial Lighting

Installing the white core of TwinLite Duo on the interior side, such as for room partition applications, can optimize the reflection of limited light sources. Heat Reduction for outdoor applications like canopies, the white color of TwinLite Duo’s core reflects a significant portion of solar heat and is insulated by the darker colored side to prevent its entry.

Heat Reduction

For outdoor applications such as canopies, the white color of the TwinLite Duo core reflects a significant amount of solar heat and is insulated by the darker colored side to prevent it from entering.

twinlite duo dua warna polycarbonate

Anti-UV Protection

There is UV protection on both the surface of the darker color and the white core. Either side can be installed facing the sun.



  • Reduce heat without sacrificing light transmission
  • Absorbs almost 100% of sunlight UV radiation
  • Natural lighting, electricity and energy saving
  • 250 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic
  • Very light, very strong and virtually unbreakable
  • Withstand temperature changes from -20°C to 120°C
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Better insulation properties (Heat & Sound)
  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint of a building
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Superior rigidity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Non fire spreading
  • Environmental friendly



  • Transparent roofing for shopping centers, bus/train terminals & sports halls
  • Billboard displays, signage
  • Skylight
  • Greenhouses
  • Pool enclosures
  • Partition
  • Heat or sound insulation panels
  • Canopies, gazebos, pergolas, carports, walkway
  • Siding
  • Billboard panels
  • Ceiling
  • Special effect floor

UV Layer

Besides protecting the people underneath from the harmful UV rays, the co-extruded UV layer on TwinLite® surface enhances its durability outdoor, preventing it from getting yellowing or discolored and brittle for a long period of time.

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TwinLite® reflects sunlight heat while at the same time still letting the light in; allowing people underneath to feel comfortable and to enjoy sufficient light.


To meet your architectural need, TwinLite® comes with selected beautiful colors.


Profiles Color Light Transmission Heat Transmission
TwinLite Gen 2.0 TwinLite Grey Cool Grey 8% 49%
TwinLite bronze Cool Bronze 19% 73%
TwinLite Silver Millenium Silver Millenium 19% 17%
TwinLite Blue Cool Blue 32% 67%
TwinLite green Cool Green 34% 70%
TwinLite opal white Opal 19% 34%
warna tosca twinlite Tosca 47% 78%
TwinLite Clear Clear 90% 79%
TwinLite X-3 TwinLite Clear Clear 66% 59%
TwinLite Grey Cool Grey 4.5% 29%
TwinLite Greca TwinLite Clear Clear 90% 74%
TwinLite Grey Cool Grey 7% 42%
TwinLite Silver Millenium Silver Millenium 15% 13%
TwinLite opal white Opal 23% 41%


Profiles Color Heat Reduction
TwinLite Duo TwinLite Blue Blue 99%
TwinLite green Green 90%


twinlite profile specification
Profiles Thickness
Effective Width
TwinLite® Gen 2.0 5 2,100 Customized 1,100 Cool Grey, Cool Bronze,
Silver Millenium, Cool Blue,
Cool Green,
Opal, Tosca,
6 2,100 Customized 1,300
10 2,100 Customized 1,700
16* 2,100 Customized 2,700
TwinLite X-3® 16 2,100 Customized 2,700 Clear, Cool Grey
TwinLite Greca 6 875 820 35 205 6,000 Clear, Silver Millenium, Cool Grey, Opal
TwinLite Duo 8 1,050 11,800 Blue, Green

*Available in triplewall, X structure.
**Length can be customized according to your need, subject to minimum order quantity.


TwinLite® Gen 2.0 and TwinLite® Greca is warranted for a period of 15 years and TwinLite® Duo for a period 10 years against excessive loss of light transmission and/or surface yellowing on the UV protected surface.

The warranty applies to TwinLite® installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. Full warranty details are available from any authorized TwinLite® distributor. It is important to retain the original receipt as proof of purchase for any warranty claim.

garansi twinlite warranty 15 10 tahun


Please read and follow the installation’s instruction carefully before starting. For more detail information, please refer to TwinLite® installation guideline.


Get complete information about the specifications and features of TwinLite®.

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