Whistleblowing System


In supporting the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) within the Company, a proper and efficient system of supervision is required which encompass all parties, including the stakeholders.

The Company has established a reporting system can be monitored directly by the President Director and covers the following:

  1. Occurrence of fraud activity
  2. Manipulation of data and reports
  3. Occurrence of conflict of interest
  4. Abuse of Company’s business data

The mechanism of whistleblowing system is implemented so that violation reporting process can prevent fraud activity from occurring. The system is carried out comprehensively by involving all employees, in order to provide safe and secure environment for all parties interacting with the Company.

Mechanism To Submit Report

Any indication of a fraud can be reported to the email (whistleblower@impack-pratama.com) and the report will then be verified and followed up.

Protection For Whistleblowers

Protection provided by the Company to the whistleblowers is as follows:

  1. Protection of the whistleblower’s identity, In addition, the confidentiality of contents of the report submitted are guaranteed by the Company.
  2. The Company guarantees the protection for the whistleblower against all forms of threats, intimidation, or unpleasant actions from any party as long as the whistleblower maintains the confidentiality of the submitted violations from any party.
  3. Protection for the whistleblower also applies to the party conducting investigations, as well as party providing information related to the complaints/disclosures.
  4. In carrying out the follow-up process for each complaint/disclosure, the aspects of confidentiality, presumption of innocence, and professionalism must always be prioritized.
  5. Employees who violate the principle of confidentiality will be given sanctions in accordance with the applicable provisions in the Company.

Complaint Management

Regulation and Procedure of Complaint Box:

  1. Every employee within the Company and subsidiary’s environment has the same right in submitting complaints.
  2. The contents of complaint must be constructive and able to improve the Company’s performance within the Company and subsidiary’s environment.
  3. Every incoming complaint shall only be read by the Company’s Board of Directors and its confidentiality shall be maintained.
  4. Every complaint shall be accompanied by the true identity of complaint sender as a requirement to follow-up the complaint. If the complaint is not accompanied by the sender’s identity, then the complaint shall not be followed up.
  5. The contents of complaint to be submitted must take into account ethics and morality, must not use words/sentences containing SARA issues or containing insults, pornographic materials, or other inappropriate sentences, and must not slander others. The sender of complaint must be able to show supporting evidence if asked to.
  6. The Board of Directors shall select each incoming complaint and establish a team if the incoming complaint is regarded as acceptable to be followed-up. The follow-up action shall be conducted based on priority.


PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk’s whistleblowing team:
Email: whistleblower@impack-pratama.com.