Whistleblowing System


The Company is committed to implementing good Good Corporate Governance (GCG) within the company, as a form of maintaining transparency and accountability of company management to the public, including in terms of reporting suspected violations and/or submitting grievance.


The Company has a reporting system for all types of violations, including:

  1. Frauds (fraud);
  2. Manipulation of data and reports;
  3. There is a conflict of interest (conflict of interest);
  4. Misuse of the Company’s business data;
  5. Other GCG violations.
  6.  Submission of other grievance.

Impack has a formal reporting system or Whistleblowing System (WBS) which has been implemented in every aspect of the company’s business activity. Reporting violations and submitting grievance can be done by internal parties and from outside the company via WBS.

Apart from using the WBS mechanism, internal and external parties can also submit grievance directly. For internal company matters, employees can directly convey this to the Unit Head, their superiors and/or HR in the unit at work. Meanwhile, external parties to the company can submit grievance through the HR Unit or other company contact persons.


The protection provided by the Company to whistleblowers, namely protection of the identity of the Whistleblowers and the contents of the report submitted are guaranteed to be kept confidential by the Company.


All reported violations and complaints that meet the verification criteria will be followed up and handled in accordance with applicable company provisions and policies.

Flowchart for Submitting Reports of Alleged Violations

For reporting through the WBS mechanism, any indication of violation and/or submission of complaints can be reported to: PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk Reporting Management Team. Send your report via email at whistleblower@impack-pratama.com or via the e-Form below.