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Asosiasi Emiten Indonesia Podcast – Impack Pratama Invited as Resource Person

Posted by on October 11, 2022 in News & Events

Jakarta, October 11th, 2022 – Impack Pratama (“Company”) who was represented by Mr. Sugiarto Romeli as Director of Sustainability & New Business Development was invited as a resource person on the YouTube podcast of the Indonesian Listed Companies Association (AEI) with the theme of the discussion “IMPC’s Commitment in Sustainability Issues to increase revenue for companies”.

In the 43-minute video, Mr. Sugiarto Romeli or familiarly called Mr. Toto talks about the Company’s commitment to sustainability issues by implementing the existing 4 pillars and also the Company’s future business prospects in Indonesia. In addition, he also discussed the Company’s transformation and target market, the Company’s strategy in doing business, commitment to sustainability issues that prioritize environmentally friendly products, and the influence of investor response in business development.

For information, AEI is currently presenting the latest communication channel through the YouTube channel “Bincang Emiten” by inviting extraordinary figures who are very inspiring in the business and capital market fields. For the full video please see below.