Corporate Governance


In order to maintain the interests and increase value of all shareholders, corporate always set the good corporate governance to running our business activity. We have commit to always stick on a rules and transparancy according to law and regulations.

corporate governance at impack pratama industri

For establishment of GCG, Corporate have its own Corporate Secretary, Internal Audit and Audit Committe and had chosen our Independent Commisioner. Corporate have not other committe yet under Board of Director and Board of Commisioner, other than Audit Committe.

GCG aims to:

  • Maintain and Control relationship between shareholders
  • Create Commitment to running business with good ethics, transparancy and obey the rules
  • Increase our competitiveness and able to meet our consumer demands for plastic goods
  • Have good risk management
  • Avoid all aspect those could interfere with corporate mission
  • Maintain and increase corporate good image