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Easy installation to save your installation time.


This installation guideline gives you step by step instructions for installing EZ-Lock sheet. EZ-Lock sheet is installed above Purlin construction as shown in the picture below.

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Components inside the EZ-Lock packaging:

  • EZ-Lock sheet 6 meter (10 pcs)
  • Flashing 6 meter (2 pcs)
  • Aluminium middle bracket (117 pcs)
  • Upper cover (10 pcs)
  • Base cover (10 pcs)
  • Metal screw (156 pcs)
  • Rubber gasket (26 pcs)
  • Warranty card (1 pc)
  • Installation guidelines (1 pc)

The supporting tools and materials you will need for the installation of EZ-Lock:

  • Ladder
  • Rubber hammer
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Roll-meter
  • Sealant (Recommended: OCI N-192)
  • Screwdriver
  • Jigsaw
  • Noise-stop tape (color: white)
  • Hacksaw


01 EZ-Lock is installed on the purlin. The recommended distance between purlin is 600 mm or maximum 650 mm, to allow thermal expansion.

Step 1 cara pasang ez-lock dipasang di atas purlin jarak 600 mm

02 The recommended slope for the frame is minimum of 5o to ensure sufficient rain water run off.

step 2 cara pasang ez-lock kemiringan 5 derajat

03 Cover the purlin’s surface which will be in touch with the installation of EZ-Lock with white Noise-stop tape.

cara pasang ez-lock insulation tape peredam suara

04 Measure the required EZ-Lock sheet dimensions in accordance with the purlin using a roll-meter. We recommend measure the middle part prior to the installation, so the trimming results of the sheets at the right-end and left-end will be more equal. Caution: please make sure to only trim the overlapping crest on one side and the lower crest on other side. Remove the masking under the sheet accordingly before installation.

step 4 cara pasang ez-lock ukur dimensi

05 Trim EZ-Lock sheet according to the required size by using a fine toothed jigsaw.

step 5 cara pasang ez-lock potong dengan jigsaw

06 Attach EZ-Lock sheets that has been trimmed to the flashing and secure all sides of the connection by using a rubber hammer.

langkah 6 cara pasang ez-lock pasang ke flashing

07 Drill a few points on the purlin and flashing (based on purlin’s distance) to unite both parts. Then attach the screw and rubber gasket to the hole.

langkah 7 cara pasang ezlock pasang sekrup

08 Install the aluminium middle bracket to EZ-Lock sheet that has been installed.

langkah 8 cara pasang ez-lock pasang bracket

09 Drill the aluminium middle bracket and the purlin. The hole at aluminium middle bracket should be 20% bigger than the screw diameter to give room for thermal expansion.

langkah 9 cara pasang ez-lock bor bracket aluminium tengah

10 Install the screw to the aluminium middle bracket to fasten it to the purlin.

langkah 10 pasang ez-lock pasang sekrup aluminium tengah

11 Combine the following EZ-Lock sheet to the installed EZ-Lock sheet.

langkah 11 cara pasang ez-lock gabungkan lembaran ez-lock

12 Secure all sides of the connection using a rubber hammer until all the connection is fastened.

langkah 12 cara pasang ez-lock kecangkan sisi sambungan dengan palu karet

13 Repeat steps 8-12 to install the rest of EZ-Lock sheet, except for the last EZ-Lock sheet.

14 For the last EZ-Lock sheet, trim the sheet based on the required size on Step 4 with jigsaw and repeat Step 6.

langkah 14 cara pasang ez-lock potong lembaran terakhir

15 After trimming, combine the last EZ-Lock sheet with the rest of the sheets that have been installed and re-tighten all parts of the connection using a rubber hammer.

langkah 15 cara pasang ez-lock gabungkan lembaran

16 Repeat Step 7.

17 Trim the upper and base cover according to the required size with grinder/jigsaw/hacksaw, in order to attach the cover to the edge part between EZ-Lock and flashing. If EZ-Lock coincides with wall, the upper cover is not required, but it must be ensured that the connection to the wall connection uses Sealant OCI N-192.

langkah 17 cara apsang ez-lock potong cover atas dan bawah

18 Insert Sealant OCI N-192 around 3 mm depth inside the cover and install the edge cover that has been trimmed to the edge between EZ-Lock and flashing.

langkah 18 cara apsang ez-lock berikan sealant oci n-192 di dalam cover

19 Install the upper cover and the base cover along the upper and bottom sides of installed EZ-Lock with the use of Sealant OCI N-192.

langkah 19 cara pasang ez-lock pasang cover atas dan bawah

20 Repeat step 17 and 18 to cover the edge on the other end and install the cover with the use of Sealant OCI N-192.

langkah 20 cara pasag ez-lock ulangi langkah 17 dan 18

21 Your EZ-Lock has been successfully installed and removed the EZ-Lock masking directly after the installation.

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