Pengumuman Obligasi PT Impack Pratama Tbk Nov 2016

Impack Pratama to Issue Medium Term Bond

Posted by on November 16, 2016 in News & Events

Impack announced its plan to offer medium term bond on Monday 07 Nov 2016.

Expecting to raise Rp. 500 billion, the bond is offered in 3 years note (Seri A) offering a coupon rate of 9.5% to 10% per year, while the Seri B with 5 years maturity date offers 9.75% to 10.25% a year. The interest is payable quarterly.

The net proceeds of the issue of the Bonds will be used to re-finance the debts, capital expenditure and to boost the working capital.

Impack has appointed PT BCA Sekuritas and PT Sucorinvest Central Gani as underwriters for the sale of the bond. It will be offered to the public from 28 Nov to 29 Nov, and will be listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange on 05 Dec 2016.