impack pratama targetkan pendapatan 2022

Impack Pratama Sets a Revenue Target of IDR 2.6 Trillion in 2022

Posted by on February 10, 2022 in News & Events

The Company targets a Revenue of IDR2.6 Trillion and a Net Profit of IDR260 Billion for this year.

In order to achieve such targets, the Company has prepared several strategies, namely:

Firstly, to increase organic business growth by opening up new business opportunities and new product innovations. In January 2022, the Company officially held the grand launching for our affordable uPVC roofing products under the LaserTuff brand. Secondly, to strengthen the distribution network in eastern Indonesia. It is expected that the distribution center located in Surabaya will commence its operation in the end of the first quarter this year. Thirdly – to continue our acquisition plans both domestically and globally to achieve synergy, which is also valued at a fair price.

The determination of the targets are based on the pandemic conditions that have been brought under control and gradually improved economic activity in general.

To accomplish such strategies, the Company has allocated Capex of approximately IDR180 Billion.

Approaching the end of the year of 2021, the Company has reported a Sales Revenue of IDR2.2 Trillion, along with a Net Profit that is predicted to break above IDR200 Billion.

As this is the second year since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Impack Pratama again recorded a Revenue that beats the target by 15% higher than the target of IDR1.9 Trillion, as well as 22% higher than FY2020 Revenue of IDR1.8 Trillion. In line with that, the Company’s Net Income is predicted to experience significant YoY growth of 60%, which is above FY2020 Revenue of IDR125 Billion and exceeding 21% of the set target of IDR165 Billion.

The Company never ceases to fulfill its commitment to its Stakeholders by implementing the balance principle between sustainable business growth and a robust balance sheet. Pertaining to dividend distribution, the Company will maintain a dividend distribution policy at above 30% from the Net Income obtained last year as a form of the Company’s commitment to give additional and optimal value to its shareholders.