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Impack’s Commitment to Sustainability: Director of Sustainability Turns to Electric Vehicles

Posted by on May 24, 2022 in CSR, News & Events

As a form of the Company’s commitment to support the implementation of its sustainability strategy, and in line with the Government’s program which has targeted to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2060, the Company has purchased 1 electric car to replace the operational vehicle of the Director of New Business Development & Sustainability, Mr. Sugiarto Romeli. This is in accordance with one of the Company’s steps to reduce carbon emissions in order to create a healthier environment, furthermore, the process of transitioning operational vehicles to electric cars is being studied regarding the ease of use to determine the Company’s next steps regarding the transition process.

A well-known attraction of using electric cars is its environmental benefits. The use of electric cars can greatly affect the environment when compared to conventional fuels vehicles, especially in regards to the Air Quality Index. The use of one electric vehicle can reduce 4.6 metric tons of greenhouse gasses annually, equivalent to the reduction in emissions from 211 mature trees.

The Company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions has been evident since 2019 through the implementation of sustainability programs and the establishment of the Company’s Sustainability targets until 2030. This is reflected in the policies implemented by the Company such as energy efficiency, emission reduction from the use of solar panels and solar dryers.