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IMPC’s Initiatives in Driving Circular Economy through Sustainable Building Products

Posted by on November 23, 2022 in CSR, News & Events

Impack is honored to be invited as a speaker to share its contribution to circular economy during the international seminar “PVC for Sustainable Future:  Enhancement of PVC Role in Circular Economy,” held by ASEAN Vinyl Council and PT Asahimas Chemical. Represented by Ms. Michelle Limantara, Sustainability and Business Development Manager, Impack shared its initiatives and business solutions for the advancement of sustainability in the circularity domain.

During the 45-minute presentation and discussion, Michelle highlighted the role of the Company in reducing its dependence on natural resources. Since 2020, Impack has proactively introduced various sustainable building products made from post-consumer and/or industrial plastic waste which are tailored to the demands of the future. Impack believes by incorporating plastic waste into its durable building products, these products may significantly reduce the environmental impact and emissions as they may act as a repository for plastic waste for a long period. Through this initiative, Impack is able to turn potential value loss of plastic waste into better use.

Impack’s journey in circularity started long before it became a ubiquitous issue. With more than 4-decade of experience and know-how in the plastic manufacturing industry, Impack has implemented 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in its manufacturing facilities and still continuously upholds the concept until now.

For more details on Impack’s commitment and contribution in sustainability and circular economy, please refer to our published Sustainability Report.