Sustainable Contribution in the Building Industry: Solartuff Solid® Achieves Green Label Certificate Gold

Posted by on January 22, 2024 in ESG, News & Events

Jakarta, January 15, 2024 – PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk (Impack) has obtained the Green Label Indonesia certification with a Gold rating for its flagship product, Solartuff Solid. The Green Product Council Indonesia awards this recognition in acknowledgment of Impack’s sustainable contribution to producing environmentally friendly products.

Solartuff Solid is one of Impack’s PC sheet products, renowned for its quality and exceptional durability. The Gold certification itself proves that the PC sheets have high sustainability standards. Produced with a focus on low carbon economy principles, Solartuff Solid helps reduce the Company’s and consumers’ carbon footprint while minimizing negative environmental impacts. This product not only offers resistance to extreme weather conditions but also has a strength up to 200 times greater against impacts compared to glass and is lighter in weight. In obtaining this certification, Solartuff Solid has fulfilled various assessment criteria as follows:

  1. Sufficient utilization rate of recycled material while ensuring the premium quality of the product.
  2. Incorporation of solar panel utilities, accounting for 15% the overall electricity production requirements, as a commitment to employing more environmentally friendly energy practices.
  3. Adoption of a resin identification code marking on the product to ease the recycling process for end users.
  4. The product is free from heavy metals and SVHC (substance with very high concern).

Through this certification, the Company hopes that customers will become more aware of the importance of sustainability and initiate/continue the integration of low-carbon building materials into their constructions. Solartuff Solid is expected to be a preferred choice in supporting sustainable construction projects, and the certification is anticipated to create broader market opportunities for the Company. Another Impack product that has received the Green Label Certificate Gold is the Aluminium Composite Panel facade product, Alcotuff.

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