Terms and Conditions


A. Introduction

Welcome to the site of PT. Impack Pratama Industri Tbk (“Impack Pratama“). The following terms and conditions are the provisions for using Impack Pratama’s website, www.impack-pratama.com and other related sites (together hereinafter referred to as the “Site“) and the use of the content, services and features on the Site.

Impack Pratama has the right to add or reduce or modify or change the terms and conditions without prior notice. The terms and conditions that have been amended will take effect immediately after the amended terms and conditions are listed on Site.

Please read carefully these terms and conditions. By using and / or continuing access to the this site, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions and / or changes. If you do not accept and agree to these terms and conditions, you are welcome to leave this Site.

B. General Requirements

  1. By using and / or continuing access to the Site, you are prohibited to:
    1. Take the content, copy, translate, reproduce, adapt or modify material or any part of the Site or obtained from the use and access of the Site for commercial purposes without agreement from Impack Pratama.
    2. Disseminate viruses or any technologies that may contain dangerous things that can damage and / or harm the Site, its affiliation and other users.
  2. You can published any content taken from the Site to the others media by providing credit and / or references to the Site including the source, namely www.impack-pratama.com and providing a link to the Site page for each material used.
  3. Impack Pratama have the right to control access, or provide different access to be able to open the Site and features in it, or change one feature or enter a new feature without prior notice for any reason. And hereby you agree to release us from all forms of liability if you cannot use the Site or any of the features in it.
  4. By continuing to access the Site, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the Site regarding the Privacy Policy which regulates the problem of using the information entered by each User into the Site.
  5. Impack Pratama do not guarantee that all functions available on the Site will not be interrupted or clear of errors. However, we guarantee that we will make every effort to provide services that are free of viruses and / or bugs or other errors. So you realize that it is your own responsibility to implement all procedures that are sufficient and check for viruses (including anti-virus and other security checks) to ensure the specific needs of users for the accuracy of data entry and exit.
  6. Impack Pratama does not warrant that the material in the Site is accurate, complete or up to date. The existence of inaccurate, incomplete or superceded material in the Site will not cause Impack Pratama to be in breach of the terms of this licence.
  7. This Site may contain hyperlinks to other websites operated by third parties. You accept that Impack Pratama has no control over, and is not responsible for, any material contained on any third-party websites. You may be required to comply with all requirements of any third party over the conditions of use of that third party’s website.

C. Your Obligations

By using and / or continuing access to the Site, you hereby undertake the following obligations:

  1. To ensure your employees, subcontractors and other agents (if any) who have authorised access to the Site are made aware of the terms and conditions of this licence.
  2. To not provide or otherwise make available any material in the Site in any form to any person other than employees, subcontractors and other agents (if any) without the written consent of Impack Pratama.
  3. To not use the material in the Site for, or in connection with, a service bureau operation.

D. Intellectual Property Rights

Impack Pratama are the rightful owners or holders of all intellectual property rights to the Site and the content / content in the Site which is protected by Law of Indonesia and international agreements that protect other intellectual property that apply throughout the world.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions can be interpreted as giving any license or rights in the use of copyrights, trademarks, design rights, patents, and other intellectual property rights of the Impack Pratama. All copyrights, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unrecorded) on the Site held by Impack Pratama.

E. Compensation

You are fully responsible if do violate the Terms and Conditions, and have to agree to release by Impack Pratama and affiliates for all losses caused by violations committed by you. Waiver of the responsibility of Impack Pratama and affiliates as a result of violating the terms and conditions that you do will not affect the right to recovery owned by Impack Pratama according to law.

You agrees to indemnify, including attorney fees and free the Impack Pratama site, along with all directors, commissioners, shareholders, employees, agents and representatives and affiliates who are the right holders appointed by the Site for any claims and claims by third parties as a result of user negligence on the material data information provided / loaded / uploaded on each service this Site.

F. Closing

  1. These Terms and Conditions are forming independent relationships between you and Impack Pratama and there is no agency relationship, partnership, representative between you and Impack Pratama.
  2. Not exercising Impack Pratama rights to against violations committed by Users of these Terms and Conditions will not exclude Impack Pratama rights to take action against similar violations.
  3. In the event of a dispute between you and the Impack Pratama related in the understanding or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or other disputes, this will be resolved by the parties in a consensus meeting, if not successful, the Parties hereby agree to settle the dispute in the North Jakarta District Court.