Gratification Policy


Impack Group is committed to and complies with the provisions of valid laws and regulations and supports the Government of Indonesia in eradication of corruption. Therefore Impack Group stipulates Anti-Corruption Policy applicable in Impack Group environment which involves all employees, work partners and government instances in relation with Impack Group Business.

The purposes of the implementation of Anti-Corruption Policies are:

  • To prevent material or immaterial losses which may disrupt Impack Group viability.
  • To improve the compliance and discipline of Impack Group with laws, regulations and code of ethics as well as to support government programs to prevent corruption acts in Indonesia.
  • To increase awareness of high ethics in establishing work relationship with external parties, in this regard business partners and government institutions or parties related to Impack Group.

Types of actions categorized as Corruption

Breach of laws, regulations and policies of Company by any individual or group of Impack Group employees through intentional actions to enrich themselves or other persons or groups in manners which may cause losses to Company finances  such as:

  • Abuse of authority, opportunity or facilities available to them due to their positions or capacities.
  • Offer, accept and/or promise something to an official or internal or external business partner in order to encourage the person to perform or not perform an act in their capacity, which are in conflict with their obligations.
  • Commit embezzlement of money or commercial paper within their possession due to their position or capacity, or allow the money or commercial paper to be taken or embezzled by other parties, or assist such taking or embezzlement.
  • Give and/or receive gifts or promises to/from a person in internal or external circle by considering the power or authority invested in their position or capacity.
  • Breach the provisions of laws expressly stating such breaches as corruption acts.
  • Attempt to assist or conspire to commit corruption acts.
  • Offer assistance, opportunities, facilities or information to commit corruption acts.

Sanctions and consequences for identified corruption acts:

Sanctions and consequences for breaches of Company policies, particularly anti-corruption policies, which are committed by both individuals and groups include:

  • Termination of employment
  • Gives a large amoaunt of fines
  • Prosecution of the person according to legal system valid in the Republic of Indonesia.

Participation of Employees and External Parties

  • Employees and external parties may participate in and assist the efforts to prevent and eradicate corruption by informing the Company through Whistleblowing system through the email regarding any corruption act involving Impack Group.
  • Impack Group gives appreciations to any employee and external party who assist in the prevention, eradication and disclosure of corruption acts in accordance with company policies.