Procurement / Purchasing Policies and Procedures


The Group recognizes that it needs suppliers (plus distributors, customers, employees-stakeholders) that shares our values to exist and grow profitably. In this respect, we expect suppliers to be honest, transparent and professional in dealing with us as we expect our staff handling purchasing functions/ decisions to do same.

Group Procedure and Policy provides guideline in relation to all procurement/ purchases of fixed assets, raw material and stocks. It also applies to office stationery and other procurement.

The basic concept is procurement/ purchasing consideration must be based solely on Quality/ Specifications, Costs, Delivery and Services (QCDS) to the company.

Each divisions and business units must establish clear procedures to meet the group’s objective of getting supplies or services at most economical and favorable terms. These plus the decision making process must be properly documented and supported by written evidence especially if non-costs/prices factors – Quality, Delivery, Services and other reasons are deciding factors.

While detailed procedures are left to each division/ unit to formulate, the following general guidelines must be adhered to:

  • New supplier must be properly evaluated based on QCDS and the evaluation process properly documented. Appropriate Sourcing Evaluation Forms must be used and filled up.
  • Existing suppliers must be evaluated annually using the same process. Such evaluation process must involve at least two individuals – e.g. staff and Unit Head, two (2) Unit Heads, Unit Head and Division Head/ Group Operating Head etc.