Impack Pratama Group Held Blood Donation

Posted by on August 16, 2019 in CSR

In Indonesia Independence day’s 74th, PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk cooperated with PMI North of Jakarta, conduct the blood donation through the subsidiary, PT Sinar Grahamas Lestari.

This activity held on Thursday (8/15/2019) was attended a hundreds employees from Impack Group and other employees in the Altira Business Park area’s

The blood donation is part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) our company, as a form of caring for others, with the hope that it will benefit those in need, as well as the donor’s health. The spirit of struggle is a symbolism that is instilled by the fighters. It can take various forms, one of which is through the blood donation drive which is a humanitarian program.

In context the Independence Day  Republic of Indonesia, the blood donation drive is a form of social contribution that is routinely carried out by the Company Group. This is in relation to the corporate social responsibility activities. We hope that through this activity, we can increase  of empathy with others. One drop of our blood can save human’s life.


Check out our Blood Donation video below: