Corporate Social Responsibility

At Impack group, we are committed to growing our business in a socially responsible way. We will pursue and contribute “green and environmentally friendly” projects as a Good Citizen of the earth

  1. We work in compliance with the laws and regulations in each country we operate in.
  2. Ensure most waste materials are recycled, and re-used.
  3. Invest only in energy efficient machines in order to reduce carbon emissions.
  4. Our various roofing products have features that could reduce energy consumption, and help to reduce carbon footprint.

We support our communities, participate in social activities, and charitable acts.

We believe each small step taken will help improve and enhance the quality of life for the present and future generation.

The approach to implementing CSR has been well integrated by the Company in 4 (four) existing sectors:

  • Environment (Use of Green Materials and Energy, Waste Management System, Mechanism to Submit Complaints on Environmental Issue, Certification in Environmental Field)
  • Social community (Use of Local Workforce, Local Community Empowerment, Improvement of Public Facility and Infrastructure, Donation Activity)
  • Employment (Gender Equality and Work Opportunities, Work Facilities and Safety, Work Accident Rate, Education And Training, Mechanism to Submit Complaints on Employment Issues)
  • Consumers (Consumer Health and Safety, Goods and Service Information, Consumer Complaint Facility, Complaint Data)
May 2021
Solar Dryer Dome Helps Farmers Improve Horticultural Product Quality

Alderon Pratama as a pioneer company that makes and introduces Solar Dryer Dome in Indonesia, explains that the Solar Dryer Dome…

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impack alderon rs konservasi elang bondol pulau kotok
January 2021
Impack Pratama Helps in Conserving Biodiversity

PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk have signed an agreement to preserve the biodiversity in Indonesia…

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peduli covid 19 impack pratama group bagikan sembako
May 2020
Impack Pratama Group Donated Food Packages for Covid-19 Affected People

As a public company that has social responsibility to the community, especially for low-income people,…

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impack pratama industri dukung pemerintah menangani covid-19
April 2020
PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk supports the Government in handling COVID-19

Jakarta, 7 April 2020 – PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk, which has joined the Relawan…

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impack donasi yayasan tangan pengharapan
March 2020
IMPC Group Donating High Quality Building Materials for Dormitory Building to Tangan Pengharapan Foundation

On Jan 2020, as part of CSR activities, IMPC group donated high quality building materials…

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impack group gelar donor darah februari 2020
February 2020
Impack Group Caring for Others Through Blood Donation

PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk through its subsidiary, PT Sinar Grahamas Lestari, is holding a…

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impack pratama dukung opera aku anak rusun
November 2019
PT. Impack Pratama Industri, Tbk Support Musical Drama Operetta Aku Anak Rusun

In line with the tagline ‘Excellence through Passion’, PT. Impack Pratama Industri, Tbk believes that…

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August 2019
Impack Pratama Group Held Blood Donation

In Indonesia Independence day’s 74th, PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk cooperated with PMI North of…

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